Sex chat bolt

Like any proper millennial, you're probably an emoji advocate, and sexual conversations are no exception.You may have taken to illustrating your sex-related discussions with plenty of eggplants, peaches, and water droplets, but why stop there?It was an intimidating journey, and you're tempted to propose because of their impressive perseverance.That feeling when: you never thought you could deep throat because hello, basically only snakes can open their jaws wide enough to accommodate something massive like it's NBD—or, let's be real, maybe not but still gag-reflex provoking.That feeling when: you're the only person who has touched your body in literal months, then you finally make out with someone and wonder if there's a name for the female equivalent of premature ejaculation.That feeling when: you're sitting in your cubicle and get the shipping notification for the bondage tape you ordered.That feeling when: your friend is giving you specific instructions about a sex tip that has like seven separate steps, but that also potentially converted a prior commitment-phobe into her boyfriend.

Much of his fame can be chalked up to his gold-medal count (seven, after also sweeping the sprints at the 2012 London Games and winning another gold in 100m in Rio) and the world records he holds (the 100m, 200m, and 4 x 100m relay), but don't forget about that famous pose.Unsurprisingly, Bolt competes at what is likely to be his final Olympics as the favorite to three-peat in all his events -- and you probably shouldn't bet against him.Below, a closer look at the fastest man alive, who fittingly turns 30 on August 21st, the same day we bid adieu to the 2016 Summer Games in Rio.And then one day in the heat of the moment, you do it and you're super content with yourself, even if you can never quite manage it again.News flash: that's fine, because you don't have to in order to give a quality BJ.

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