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(source) Russian roulette with a multi-hundred pound barbell x 500,000 trigger pulls = someone getting hurt.

“But I’ve squatted for many years with no injuries” : says the turkey.

It learned from observation, as we are all advised to do (hey, after all, this is what is believed to be the scientific method).

Its confidence increased as the number of friendly feedings grew, and it felt increasingly safe even though the slaughter was more and more imminent.

Edit 2 : it should be noted that I am saying everyone who currently performs, or has ever performed a barbell squat, is a dip shit meat head.

Consider that the turkey’s experience may have, rather than no value, a negative value.

The Cross Fit “Attitude” : A Disease Cross Fit™ : A 100% Chance of Injury?

I No Longer Give a Squat About The Squat Edit 1 : what was inside the ( ) in #9 was updated/expanded.

(Disclaimer : this is just a generic link to a website many will recognize.

There are better sources of information on the hip belt squat available elsewhere).

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