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Filmin -without this Spanish streaming service I would have seen far fewer recent Spanish films (I first saw three of my top 5 via their service, and a further 4 of the honourable mentions) simply because of how expensive it is to import DVDs.

I am also more likely to take a 'risk' on films that I know little about -as was the case with La mitad de Óscar- when using an all-included subscription service, which broadens the variety of films that this blog covers and hopefully makes it a bit more interesting.

He also praised Kwan’s features: an “acceptable face” and “being alluringly leggy [and] perfectly formed”.

So, these films aren't all 'from' 2011 but I've limited myself to films that were released in Spanish cinemas in either 2011 or 2010.When Kwan was 18, she pursued her dream of becoming of a ballet dancer by attending Royal Ballet School in London.She studied performing arts subjects such as stage make-up, and danced every day for four hours.Stage producer Ray Stark posted an advertisement in the Hong Kong Tiger Standard (later renamed The Standard) regarding auditions for the character Suzie Wong for a play.The ad asked applicants to present their pictures, résumés, and proportions.

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