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The ending was definitely the darkest in the game and very much an homage to the guro and psychological horror genre.The extended ending was particularly grisly, but touching in an incredibly creepy way.The game also has some reoccurring, non-dateable, characters that pop up in various story lines that are absolutely fantastic characters.Kenzaburou, the gentlemanly parakeet who runs a cafe you can potentially decide to work at, is not only a totally charming character, but the particular bird that's used as his picture is just totally adorable.In the 7 hour pigeon romance whirlwind I experienced, I managed to clear 4 of the 8 romance routes: 2 were touchingly sad, 1 was pudding filled, and in the final one .

In my experience, with the exception of one epic pudding adventures, the routes in this game tend to range from heartbreaking to pitch black, if you can believe it.

", but let's get serious for a second here in this conversation about pigeon dating, this isn't some sort of weird perverse game that was created to target some very specific fetish or something like that, it's a game that started as an April Fools joke a couple years ago that took on a life of it's own.

It's not so much a dating sim as it is a parody of one that ends up very entertaining and even touching.

Despite the fondness that I was feeling for the character, and how interesting these mysterious school events were, I found the my first bird-romance to be a rather short quest, and bittersweet.

But I definitely wasn't ready to put the game down now, if anything, the quickness it took to get to the end of the particular romance just made me determined to go another round and see if different play throughs would give me more clues as to what exactly was happening at the school, I was also determined to find a bird that would love me back!

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