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If you would like to contribute information, please send it to w4gvh @ All content on Shortwave Central is copyright © 2006-17 by Teak Publishing, who is solely responsible for the content. Redistribution of these pages in any format without permission is strictly prohibited. (Twitter: Global Net MT) If you haven't taken advantage of our new expansions, we encourage you to do so.Wood 37 Programs and Regular Features 40 to 48 Chain Broadcast Features Schedule 48 Telling Fortunes with Foods \ 51 Woman's Program Index 52 WHO'S WHO IN BROADCASTING 53 Miyoshi Sugimachi wins Milan Scholarship 62 Opera Favorites in Radio 63 Great Artists on the Air 67 POPULAR SONGS OF YESTERDAY AND TODAY 72 Lives of Old Masters 73 OFFICIAL CALL BOOK AND LOG 74 to 89 NEW BROADCAST MAP (Insert at 81) Simple Explanation of Broadcasting — By Marvin W. Published four times a year by Radio Digest Publishing Co., (Incorporated), 510 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois, and is on sale on the newsstands approximately the first of January, March, September and November. Putting the same idea another way, the man with the most powerful voice commanded the greatest audience and consequently the largest following. Thompson 90 Hot Spot Fourteen — Marvelous for Selectivity 92 Voice of the Reader 96 Canadian Wave Lengths 98 Log of Foreign Stations 100 Listener's Evening at Flome, in Eastern Time 102 Listener's Evening at Home, in Central Time 108 Marcella , 117 Radio Digest, Illustrated. Subscription rates yearly, One Dollar and Twenty-five cents; Foreign Postage, One Dollar additional; single copies, Thirty-five cents. His might not be words of rare wisdom, yet if he had the necessary physical strength to fling those words to the gathered listeners, he be- came a greater leader than the wiser man who lacked in physical equipment. Printed matter became commonplace, and with it the acquiring of the reading ability and habit became widespread. "And so a half-dozen years ago, the press was the logical method of weaving a community or nation into a homogeneous body politic. We will gladly demonstrate it to you, in your own home on your own rugs. Nadworney 20 High Power Reserves at WJZ 21 Radio Clubs Save Young 24 Radio Personalities — Four Picture Pages 28 to 31 Orchestra Dominates Programs 32 Mother Greets Son in Arctic — By George R. Century upon century found the homogeneous state largely dependent upon how many individuals could be addressed at one time by a spokesman.

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In the endless repetition of history, therefore, it was but natural that the sign language technique should reappear in the refined form of the written word.

We have, however, improved materially on the Roman Stentor technique by enabling the very words, the very voice, the very person- ality, if you please, of the thinking man to be passed on to the listening multitudes, via the public address system.

And going a step further, we have provided wings, called carrier waves, to those words and voice and personality, in order that they might be carried to listeners in their homes, thus making our forum one of unlimited proportions.

And by its thorough dirt removal, "Positive Agitation" restores to rugs their original beauty, lifting the nap and brightening the colors. represents the real gauge of electric cleaner capacity, you should see this test which is an accurate measure of efficiency, before purchas- ing any cleaner. Besides an alphabetical Who's Who of all the known Radio artists, it contains a handy reference to the most familiar operas and musical numbers heard over the air. All future issues will enlarge on this comprehensive compendium. 266, 300 West Adams Street, Chicago, Illinois ORIENTALTSSTUCCO V J Reg. In addition, the "Official Call Book and Log" and the "Listener's Evening at Home" have been improved and amplified. The National Stentor MERLIN HALL AYLESWORTH of the National Broad- casting Company in a Cyrus Fogg Brackett lecture be- fore the Engineering Faculty and students of Prince- ton University, under the title of "The Modern Stentor, Radio Broadcasting in the United States," gives a vivid picture of Radio in the scheme of things. Aylesworth said: "Once upon a time a wise man said: 'There is nothing new under the sun.' He was right. True, there* are improvements and refinements, revisions and alterations, fresh interpretations and novel presentations: but, nevertheless, the basic ideas remain much the same throughout the forward march of civilization. The basic idea — mass communication — is as old as civilization itself, having had its origin around the tribal camp fire when the spokesman addressed his eager listeners.

The amazing efficiency of this exclusive Hoover cleaning principle — the outstanding ability of the Hoover to remove the most dirt -per minute — has been proved by repeated tests made under actual home conditions. NTENTS When Will Rogers W T as "President" 7 Major Bowes' Family Affairs — By Dorothy Brister Stafford 8 Damrosch Achieves Ambition .' 11 Russia's Good Will Conquest 13 Elsie Thiede, lyric soprano B 17 Irving Berlin Song Biography 18 Anna Case Self Made 19 Lovely Devora . Word-of-mouth contact between leaders and people has had its influence on history.

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