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Using screenshots from the game, plus some original art and UI elements, Ashley narrates the early moments of Resident Evil 4, coloring old experiences in a goofy light.The ridiculous plot actually jives with Resident Evil 4’s fiction pretty well, openly addressing the absurdity of a scenario in which the president’s daughter is kidnapped by a cult of parasite-infested Spaniards.

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Also common is for this character to have high skill in games, or at least higher than the misogynistic male characters, so she can promptly destroy them.

The UK Edition then only came with a single double-sided DVD.

In August 2011, the UK magazine announced it was to be discontinuing the disk as of issue 232, and replacing it with more pages of content within the magazine and exclusive free gifts.

1993-1994 Matt Bielby 1994-1995 Gary Whitta 1995-1996 Jonathan Davies 1996-1999 Jim Flynn 1999-2000 James Ashton 2000-2003 Matt Pierce 2003-2006 Mark Donald 2006-2009 Ross Atherton 2009-2012 Tim Edwards 2012-2013 Graham Smith 2013-2017 Samuel Roberts Tim Edwards Graham Smith Tony Ellis Craig Pearson Tom Francis Richard Cobbett Jon Hicks Jim Rossignol John Walker Alec Meer Matt Avery Chris Buxton Andy Butcher Michael Gapper Kieron Gillen Mike Channell Tim Stone Adam Oxford Quintin Smith Duncan Harris Drew Northcott David Lyttleton Chris Thursten Tom Senior Marsh Davies Andy Kelly The British edition of PC Gamer has been in constant monthly publication since 1993.

Subscribers get a special edition of the magazine with no headlines on the front cover (only the masthead and BBFC rating).

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