Free sext text chat

The best part about this app is how it’s one app which does everything.You can keep your other messengers such as Whats App for the serious stuff, and let yourself loose on Between.Kik is a ‘normal’ messaging app, but it offers more than usual security and anonymity expected of such applications.Like most apps on this list, Kik also uses usernames and not phone numbers.Wickr advertises itself as if it were Snapchat for grown-ups.

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It uses your phone number to verify your credentials, but after that, you can use a username and stay anonymous if you wish to.

In today’s world of instantaneous wants and limited time, people have generally moved on from phone-calls to texts, which saves a lot of time.

Sexting, in simple terms, means the sending or exchange of sexually explicit text messages or images by mobile phones or social networking platforms.

The designers of the app have designed it for both personal and business use, but sexting is where this app really shines as it has a patented encryption system, and it promises never to collect your data.

Wickr has multiple layers of encryption support, you can send messages with a time-bomb ticking for deletion, has support for screenshot recognition if the other party clicks screenshots, amongst other features.

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