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We are diligently looking at ways to catalogue it, collect it and find the mechanism to return it but we're still days away from allowing that to happen,' he said.

The Route 91 Harvest festival was not the first music event Paddock targeted.

The billboards will have the message 'If you know something, say something' and investigators hope this will help generate leads for the case which has so far left law enforcement struggling to find a motive.'There are still a number of people out there that know that something looked out of place,' said Mc Mahill'Someone may have been acting suspiciously that night, or in the years prior, the months prior.

Someone that may have seen something or knows something.'The FBI's special agent in charge in Las Vegas said that the idea is to reach 'as many people as we possibly can' and that they will not stop until 'they have the truth'.

He also dismissed claims that someone else accessed the room using Paddock's key card while his Hyundai was not in the parking lot.

Detectives are working through 'voluminous' amounts of surveillance footage from inside the hotel, he said, but have so far not been able to find any other suspect.

He notified his dispatch which was absolutely critical to us knowing the location as well as advising the responding officers as they arrived on that 32nd floor. The undersheriff also dismissed, again, the repeated claims from ISIS that Paddock carried out the attack in the name of Islamic terror.

'This was a remarkable effort by a brave and remarkable man. The FBI also announced on Friday the launch of a designated campaign to the public for information.

Above, piles of organized items including a strollers and wheelchairs are seen lined up into various piles of evidence In August, he rented hotel rooms overlooking the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago which Malia Obama attended with friends.Earlier, NBC News had reported a mysterious charger that did not mach any of Paddock's cellpones - raising the possibility that another person had been with Paddock beforehand.However, later police said that they have now matched all the cell phones and all the chargers and that they belong to Paddock.'We're very confident there was not another shooter in that room,' said Mc Mahill during a press conference in Las Vegas on Friday afternoon.'What we cannot confirm is whether anybody else knew about this incident before he carried it out.'This comes as local and federal officials announced they are erecting billboards around the city appealing to the public to come forward with information about the shooting.But at the press conference on Friday, Mc Mahill said detectives were no closer to understanding what motivated Paddock's killing spree.'To date we have run down well more than 1,000 leads in this investigation.Some of it has helped create a better profile into the madness of this suspect but we do not still have a clear motive or reason why.

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