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We share secrets and personal stuff with them, we support them, and they stand by us. Attraction without closeness is more like a crush or infatuation.

You're attracted to someone physically but don't know the person well enough yet to feel the closeness that comes from sharing personal experiences and feelings.

By the time they reach their twenties, most girls and guys value support, closeness, and communication, as well as passion.

This is the time when people start thinking about finding someone they can commit to in the long run β€” a love that will last.

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In our teens β€” especially for guys β€” relationships are mainly about physical attraction.

In our late teens, though, relationships are less about going out to have fun and fitting in.

Closeness, sharing, and confiding become more important to both guys and girls.

And the kind of love we feel in romantic relationships is its own unique type of love.

Our ability to feel romantic love develops during adolescence.

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